Alice Greaves – Bow & Arrow

Alice Greaves are a 4-piece post-punk/shoegaze band from Madrid. On this, their second EP, I can certainly hear the post-punk influences but the latter is lacking. Based on a fusion of the two I have heard previously I am not sure that it’s is an effective mix. It certainly is a good thing that the shoegazing elements are missing because it may have detracted from the effective solid post-punk sound found on this EP.

Interpol are the first name that springs to mind especially when it comes to the vocals and the twisting synth sound that is prevalent on Anderson and Flowers. The brooding, and lengthy closer, Our Bells allows the band to expand their sound whilst the Interpol comparisons begin to whittle. It’s a good track and certainly the highlight here. As a whole, the EP is a fine example of the revivalist sound. C’mere and take a listen.


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