The Hepburns Feat Estella Rosa – The Other Side of Grey

Welsh band The Hepburns have been around since the mid 1980’s and they have recently signed to Elefant Records.

Their eleventh album Architecture Of The Ages will be released later this year and it’s a collaboration with Dutch vocalist Estella Rosa currently of Nah… and Sapphire and Steel. The first single taken from the album The Other Side of Grey will be released next week. It has it’s sound rooted firmly in the past and opens like a 1970’s western. As the song develops we hear some sixties pop influences blended with some with bossa nova vibes which give the track a hint of colour despite the achromatic one found in the title!

The vocals of Rosa are a joy as they supplement those of Matt Jones before delightfully leading the listener through to the end. It’s backed with the non album track Midnight Guy which could come straight from an obscure 1960’s movie soundtrack. Two lovely songs for those with open minds and vivid imaginations.


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