Post-Punk Sampler

We have not had a post-punk round-up for a while so here (hear?) is my pick of some recent releases. There is some amazing music coming out of Australia at present. Check out Church Group and The Condos even if post-punk is not your thing.

Here is the Playlist:

or listen on YouTube

And here are the individual tracks/info:

The Dreams Never End – Rosas Negras

Rosas Negras is the first single to be taken from the album Palco dos Desencontros which is scheduled for release in September 2021 by the label Anti-Demos-Cracia.

Church Group – Misery

Taken from their self titled EP which is out now on Helta Skelta Records.

Golden Apes – Satori

The new single which, is out now on Icy Cold Records.

LETTEN 94 – Empty Landscapes

The debut single from this Swiss act, which is out now on Cold Transmission Music.

Menthüll – Profonde Tristesse

The new single from the Quebecois based duo.

ACTORS – Only Lonely

Staying in Canada but this time on the other coast it’s the new single from Vancouver’s Actors who add a bit of glam/Roxy Music into the post-punk mix. Out now on Artoffact Records.

The Condos – Lengthy Labour

Lengthy Labour is taken from the reissue of last years self-titled EP which now gets a reissue courtesy of Nopatience Records.

Coffin Moth – This Damnation

Excellent goth rock that also doubles as a dancefloor essential.

What’s Your Damage? – Democracy

Taken from the Chicago based act’s latest album Concluded.

100 Лет Октября – Последний полёт в космос

The title track of an amazing EP themed around the Space Race and the Soviet Union. As wonderful as the artwork.

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