Post-Punk Sunday

Kælan Mikla – Ósýnileg

The new single from Icelandic post-punk band Kælan Mikla is a thing of beauty. The combination of the sound and vocals is incredible. The video only supplements the visuals created in your mind as you listen to this one. A new album is in the works and if, like me, you missed April’s Sólstöður single then the video for it can be found here. Ósýnileg is out now on Artoffact Records.


Astari Nite – Pocket Full of Posies

Pocket Full of Posies is a dark and brooding love song that explores both sides of the coin. The song does stray into mid-1980’s Cure territory and the vocals do sound a bit like Robert Smiths. However, ask yourself the question? Do you want to listen to this or Lovecats? I know which one I would choose!


1919 – Singing to the Universe

Bradford based 1919 have been making music since 1982. However, the forthcoming album Citizens of Nowhere will just be the band’s fourth album and the third since their return. Singing to the Universe is the first single to be taken from the said album and is an enjoyable, and catchy, romp through the post-punk genre. It’s backed with a French version.


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