Bank Holiday Monday Pack of Three

We started the bank holiday weekend with a trio of post-punk influenced acts on Friday so let’s finish with more of the same today.

Second Skin – Colder
Second Skin – Colder (Kontravoid Remix)

Two versions of Colder by Los Angeles based Second Skin to kick things off. The original version is a retro synth-pop sounding track which is enhanced with the additional electronica found on the Kontravoid Remix. Like the original, it has a retro sound that comes across as one of those “classic” or “special” remixes that used to adorn 12″ maxi-singles of old. If I did not know better I would have said this was a long lost obscure new wave track of yesteryear. Lovely artwork too.


Roza Parks – Portrait of A Dancer

Belgian band Roza Parks have now added some electronica to the guitars found on earlier work. It works pretty well, building upon last year’s First We Kiss single, and gives their music an additional point of interest. There are a lot of 1980s post-punk and gothic influences found on the track especially when it comes to the vocals but I like that along with the imagery that entails.


Toska Po Domu – кровь

If analogue minimal synth music floats your boat then you should give Russian act Toska Po Domu a lend of your ears. The new EP кровь is the follow up to my introduction to the band which was January’s split single Okurki/Myasnaya Lavka. There are some lovely bleeps and bobs spread across the four tracks as drum machines accompany the aforementioned synths and workmanlike vocal style that sound inconspicuous in many places. I have no idea what the subject of the songs is but given the cover art, I may not want to find out. The final track Стой is my pick of the bunch but the whole EP is an enjoyable listen for me.


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