The Hannah Barberas – Party from Hell

I am not sure if the new single from The Hannah Barbera’s deals with the most unwelcome guests to one’s abode since Half Man Half Biscuits Paintball’s Coming Home but I think it’s close.

However, unlike on the aforementioned track, at least they have a good time on Party from Hell once the buggers have left the building as the male/female vocals declare “Okay, they’ve gone, You can relax now everyone, Get in the conga line, It’s time for comrades to unite!”.

As the jangling guitars, which have a bit of a groove going, do their thing the song’s opening line reminds me why I always turn up at a party halfway through. However, if I missed this foot-tapper I would be very disappointed indeed.

Party from Hell, which is backed with Love’s Coming Back in Fashion and Puppet Show, is out on April 30th 2021 on limited edition vinyl via Spinout Nuggets. You can also get it digitally (and pre-order vinyl) from the band.


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