Lost Tapes – Quoting Salter EP

Catalonia’s Lost Tapes return with a new EP. And you know it ain’t a bad collection of songs! Opener the Brilliance of a Language is a shimmering delight accompanied by lovely string sounds courtesy of the synths. The vocals hover like mist above the sea as they tell a tale of a lack of communication. Recent single The Attraction of the Opposites appears in a longer form (the edited version is also here). Dreamy echoing synths, jangling guitars and soothing vocals make this one an instant indie-pop classic.

I remember getting Roxy Music’s Flesh and Blood for my 14th birthday (gulp) with Over You being my highlight – and it is still is now. So blow me down as the Lost Tapes cover it to here returning the song to Roxy Music’s (well Eno’s) Kosmische Musik roots. They have even managed to replace the gorgeous sax of the original with a respectful synthesised version.

The final track is a remix of 2019’s The Bill by The Memory Fades. The wistful dancefloor sounds of the original have been replaced by a darker, sometimes harsher, analogue sound but one which also complements the original. Not sure I could dance to it but it sounds great in my headphones.

I don’t need to quote Salter on this one! Just believe me when I tell you how good this EP is. Or better still give it a spin and hear for yourselves.

The Quoting Salter EP is available in 7″ vinyl from Kocliko (EU), Sunday Records (US) or digitally from the band.


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