Something For The Weekend? Three (More) Post-Punk

This weeks pack of three concentrates on three new or recent post-punk releases.

The City Gates – Siegfried 1969

Montreal post-punk band The City Gates have released their new single Siegfried 1969. It’s a pulsating and addictive coldwave/gothic rock song. I was a bit confused as to why they were singing in German rather than French or English, given their native city, but have since found out the track is a collaboration with Alexander Donat who appears in German acts Vlimmer, Whole, and Fir Cone Children. Donat provides the words and voice.

Siegfried 1969 is out now digitally via available Velouria Recordz.


Grey Skies – Insomnia

Grey Skies are a band from Mexico City and Insomnia is their second single. It’s a hectic electronic-driven song that at times sounds like a speeded-up Front 242. Flipside Automaton is another slice of the bands fast-paced, frantic sound and my ears just about keep up. Very good indeed!


The Sea At Midnight – We Share The Same Stars

We Share The Same Stars is the fifth and latest track that Los Angeles based The Sea At Midnight has released this year which means I have got some catching up to do. The song itself is a mellifluous coldwave track with upbeat words and rhythm. There are hints of the late 70s post-punk bands alongside early 1980s synthpop that gives the song a wholesome retro feel.



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