Something For The Weekend? Three Liked By Others

This week’s pack of three are acts who have appeared more than once on another blog, mix, Bandcamp feed or podcast that I follow.

Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends

Thankfully Too Many Boyfriends is a far better song than the name of this project, which is comprised of members from the band BOYs, suggests. The track itself is dreamy indie with a catchy chorus. A fine pop song indeed.

Free Ice Cream – Free Ice Cream

Talking about pop music Atlanta’s Free Ice Cream have got lo-fi indiepop down to a tee. Catchy and witty songs, regardless whether they are happy, sad or just plain indecisive, are the order of the day across these 11 mainly short songs. Songs like It Bears, Indie Girl and Wish We Were In Love are a joy to listen to. The final, and much longer, two songs were a struggle in comparison to what came before and they seem rather out of place to these ears. I guess that’s what the skip button is for but dig into the rest and make mine a 99!

The Know – The Know

The Know is comprised of husband and wife, Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. I believe this self-titled EP is their debut and it opens in fine style with 143 which is a prime example of spot-on dreampop. Someday Maybe is what Lucky Soul would have sounded like if they had turned the fuzz and reverb up whilst the sixties-inspired Dreamlike State is just as it’s title suggests it will be. More sixties influences are woven though the sometimes soulful Hold Me Like You Know Me and the EP finishes on the tuneful but haunting Tiny Red Door which is a bit like Portishead but with fuzz.

The Know is available on limited edition gold vinyl from the band or on CD via Shore Dive Records.


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