Something For The Weekend? Three Christmas Releases

This weeks pack of three covers three releases that hark (ho ho ho) to the time of year.

Say Sue Me – Christmas, It’s Not a Biggie

Is this the EP that sees Sue Say Me turn into a fully fledged rock n’ roll band? The hints in their previous couple of releases bear fruition here. The excellent title track blends surf and indie pop whilst it also contains elements from The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping.

Too Expensive Christmas Tree is a full on surf rock instrumental whilst the other two tracks are the band’s take on the more traditional Christmas song. Like all these releases it’s hardly essential unless you are completist but grab the first track for any holiday playlist.


The Beths – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

The Beths find themselves around a tree with their Christmas rendition which heads down a more traditional route albeit with a guitar solo or two…. You certainly can imagine the snow falling down to this one so grab yourself a Christmas jumper and join in the festive fun.


The Sunbathers – The Man Who Loved Christmas

The Sunbathers produce a melancholy narrative of Christmases past and the traditions which played their part. It’s a lovely tale and extra points for the decoration on top of the tree…..


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