The Records I Like Podcast – October 2018

I have been meaning to get back to using Mixcloud for a while now but I am a bit lazy and Playmoss is a doddle to use. But Mixcloud embeds in WordPress….

Anyway for this first “podcast” it features tracks mentioned on this blog, tracks from recent reissues and music I generally don’t cover. So enjoy!

Full Tracklisting

1 – Pop Will Eat Itself – Sweet Sweet Pie
Taken from the PWEI Def Coms 86-18 Compilation (Cherry Red)
2 – Say Sue Me – Just Joking Around
The band’s current single (Damnably)
3 – Chasms – Divine Illusions
Stunning yet tragic single out now (Felte Records)
4 – Echo Ladies – Overrated (Robin Guthrie)
Forthcoming single given the make over by Robin Guthrie (Sonic Catherdral)
5 – The Cocteau Twins – Tishbite (Single version)
Taken from the box set Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years (UMC – Mercury)
6 – The Fawns of Love – Someday
Current single out now. (Test Pattern Records)
7 – На гребне волны (On the Crest of a Wave) – Нет продолжения (No Continuation)
Lead track from the current self released Облака (Clouds) EP
8 – Sharesprings – Something Soon
Standout track taken from the bands debut album Paraparlor (Dismantled)
9 – Lorigun – Fight To Forget
Flip side of the current single Wild Drive (Midsummer Madness)
10 – Les Clopes – Des Signaux Contradictories
Single taken from the Minimum Viable Product covering all things synthpop, coldwave, post-punk etc. (Detonic Recordings)
11 – Metroland – Memorabilia
Latest single from Belgium’s answer to Kraftwerk (Alfa Matrix)
12 – The Detox Twins – Dreaming of Florida
1980’s sounding synthpop, taken from the recent compilation Another Cold World 2 (Cold Beats)
13 – Stereolab – Revox
Taken from the reissued Switched On Compilations via the band’s own label (Duophonic UHF Disks)
14 – Haiku Salut – The More and Moreness (Thomas Ragdale Remix)
Taken from the digital single Occupy (Prah Recordings)

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