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Something For The Weekend? – Three from WIAIWYA

This week’s pack of three focuses on three forthcoming release on London’s Where It’s At Is Where You Are label.

Birdie – Bowling Green

First up is Bowling Green which is taken from the new single from cult band Birdie who consist of Debsey Wykes (Dolly Mixture) and Paul Kelly (East Village). It’s a gentle, soothing affair perfectly weighted for an indiepop chill-out album (out now on K-Tel – okay I made that up)

The 7″ was part of the labels Singles Club and has sold out. You can still get in digitally from here.


Spearmint – The Music They Love Us To Hate

Talking of cult bands here is another. The Music They Love Us To Hate is the flip side (or is it a double A?) of Spearmint’s forthcoming single Senseless (A Stranger). Reminds me of an indiepop Redskins and one for the dance floor.

Available on 7″ and digital formats from here.


Red Red Eyes – Untold

Untold is taken from the forthcoming debut album Horology. I have not heard of this band before but based on this track I will be hearing them plenty more in the future. It’s a track not to dissimilar to what Broadcast produced. Beautiful, dreamy stuff.

Available on vinyl, CD and digital formats from here.




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