Ummagma – LCD

I have to admit I find Ummagma pretty frustrating to listen to at times. When they get it right they are a joy to listen to but sometimes, as in the case of the title track here, it all goes horribly wrong to these ears.

LCD is a strange plodding dream pop track full of noises some of which resemble the bleeps you used to get when listening to audio streams to discourage illegal ripping. As these do not appear on the other tracks I guess that is intentional but for what purpose I am not sure. The male vocals (and is that rapping?) just don’t work for me either. Maybe Alexander Kretov is trying to be like Curves Dean Garcia. Speaking of which…

Garcia remixes two tracks on this EP. Firstly he takes LCD and turns it into an ambient track that echoes to the ghosts of Seefeel and the Future Sound of London. It gets even better as Garcia takes snippets of Shauna McLarnon’s vocals and slips them into the mix giving the track a pleasing ethereal and haunted feel.

For the second remix Garcia turns 2013’s Back To You into a trippy dub fest. This time the vocals work supplementing the slow tribal beats to great effect.

In between Garcia’s remixes there is another airing for Robin Guthrie’s remix of Lama which takes an excellent track making it even better. There are obvious hints of Guthrie’s previous work throughout the remix giving it a heavenly (but no Las Vegas) feel.

LCD is being released on CD via Somewherecold Records. Pre-order it from here. Meanwhile if cassettes are your thing you can get a copy from Canada’s Label Obscura.Buy for the fantastic remixes!


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