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Shoe Sign Six – Lovelorn

The strangely named/wonderfully named (delete as appropriate) Russian band Shoe Sign Six has just released a new track titled Lovelorn. It has plenty of noisy shoegaze guitars and synths which are in contrast to the intangible vocals of Anna Lapina. If I had not liked the band’s blend of ethereal but noisy shoegaze before I … Continue reading

Shoe Shine Six – Cold Sun

Cold Sun brings together Yekaterinburg based Shoe Shine Six with Kyoto outfit Tip Top Nap whose vocalist Natsumi Yamamoto contributes to the words and sings alongside the host band’s Anna Lapina. It’s a shining example of dreampop with strong, dominant female vocals accompanying the vibrating guitar as the song swirls in unabashed abandon. Impressive. Shoe … Continue reading

Shoe Shine Six – Sunday

Thankfully the music made by Shoe Shine Six is not as bad as their name. It’s excellent female fronted shoegaze that gets my head nodding whilst the guitars soar skywards competing with vocalist Katarina Voronina’s excellent voice for attention. Daze and Ocean are particularly delightful and worthy of your ears. and here they are in … Continue reading

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