Hey Elbow – Nurture​/​Aptitude

There are a few bands that operate outside imposed boundaries and constraints – self or otherwise. Of the top of my head, bands such as Haiku Salut, The Leaf Library and more recently Dummy fall into that group. I can now add Swedish band Hey Elbow into that mix. Late to the party as ever as the band have been going for a few years now I have been exposed to them via their new single Nurture​/​Aptitude. The band combine ambient, experimental and pop to mould a novel and, at times, unique sound. The vocals are woven like thread during … Continue reading Hey Elbow – Nurture​/​Aptitude

Spunsugar – Happier Happyless

After 60 seconds of their new single Happier Happyless you may have thought that Swedish band Spunsugar has abandoned the fuzzy guitars in favour of programmed beats. That’s true in certain respects but as the chorus starts the fuzzy shoegazing guitars crash in once more. As the band continue to switch from one musical style to another during the songs progression, the strong vocals dominate the drum machine whilst the words pay homage to the 2001 slasher movie Valentine. The band are currently working on their debut album but for now, you can get Happier Happyless from here. Facebook Continue reading Spunsugar – Happier Happyless

Spunsugar – Mouth Full of You

Following on from two taster releases I Shouldn’t Care and the excellent Native Tongue Swedish alt-rockers Spunsugar have released their debut EP in the shape of Mouth Full Of You. It features four tracks including the two aforementioned ones and is packed full of fuzzy guitars, drum machines and 90s influences. Of the two previously unheard tracks it’s Crumble that I lean to most as it flits from grunge and shoegaze being filled with some fine hooks and sampled drum beats. It’s driving stuff! Mouth Full of You is out now and you can get it digitally from here. Facebook Continue reading Spunsugar – Mouth Full of You