Records I Like Mix July 2022

It’s a bumper playlist this month as there was so much to choose from. Alongside the usual monthly dose of dreampop and indiepop there are three tracks taken from the BBC sessions re-issued by Precious Recordings of London including efforts from This Poison!, Hurrah! and Marine Research. No exclamation mark there. There is also vintage sounding Power Pop from The Lunar Towers and The Prize alongside two recent releases from matinee Recordings. And a few more besides. As ever, enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Hurrah! – This Boy (Jensen session)
Theatre Royal – 1994
Silver Biplanes – Parallel World
Moon In June – Summer Pop’97
The Lunar Towers – Happy as Larry
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – The World Should Be Ashamed
Dollgirl – Heavenly
Ribbon Stage – Playing Possum
The Churchhill Garden – Always There
Puzzles y Dragones – El final de mi felicidad
The Prize – Wrong Side of Town
Castlebeat – Cinema
The Chesterfields – Our Songbird Has Gone
Martha – Beat, Perpetual
Callière – Golden (The Churchhill Garden remix)
Hazel – Over My Head
Pennywhistle Park – Like You
Sunnbrella – Wrong
Whitelands – How It Feels
Paradise Blossom – Shape Of You
Beach Bunny – Eventually
Northern Portrait – Once Upon a Bombshell
Star 99 – Born to Run
Auld Spells – Bought and Sold
Dayflower – Heart Shaped Tambourines (single version)
The Wedding Present – What Have I Said Now (Locked Down And Stripped Back Version)
Marine Research – I Confess (Peel session)
Bubblegum Lemonade – Never Have I Ever
The Crystal Furs – Charlatan
Bleach Lab – Take It Slow
Maripool – Softly
This Poison! – It’ll All Work Out (Peel session)

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