Records I Like Mix September 2021

Another bumper mix highlighting some of my favourite tracks from the past month or so. Lots here (hear) to keep you busy including tracks from both members of Nah…, the return of the Pale Spectres and Makthaverskan, English Summer turning in a vintage mid 80s Creation Records style track plus songs by Poster Paints, The Proctors, Falconet, The Lodger and so many many more. Enjoy!

Full Tracklist:

Dayflower – Dream of Shore
Castlebeat – Into
The Proctors – Silhouettes
Traveling With Monika – Until the End
Crabber – Katherine / Waves
Poster Paints – Never Saw It Coming
Still Corners – Heavy Days
Starrgazy – Octopus
The Here Todays – Takotsubo
Miseryslims – Big on U
The Fisherman and His Soul – Perfect Bathrooms
Makthaverskan -This Time
The Lodger – Bewildered
English Summer – Tall Stories
Pink Paper Planes – Escape
Life Model – Saskia
Bleach Lab – Talk It Out
Lightfoils – Supervene
Midnight Flowers – That’s Life
Tears To Go – Electronics
Spunsugar – Rodan
Adios Cometa – Franco (Tape Deck Mountain Remix)
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Gemini
Pale Spectres – Supermarket Love
The Catenary Wires – Always On My Mind
The Hepburns Featuring Estella Rosa – The Other Side of Grey
Hero No Hero – Lost And Found
The Ashenden Papers – Summer’s Coming On
The Churchhill Garden – Grounded
Falconet – Falling Star

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