Records I Like Mix April 2021

Records I Like Mix April 2021 Cover

A bumper crop this month and there is plenty going on in April’s mix. I raid everyone’s favourite French garage and indie label Howlin Banana Records for four tracks this month. Darrin Lee from Subjangle picks a track each from the last two releases on that fine label. We have a few tracks from Spanish acts and also a couple from Japan including that astonishing single from Poco. And with the usual mix of indiepop, janglepop and shoegaze from around the globe you should not be wanting for anything. Well musically at least. As ever enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

The Churchhill Garden – Lonely
Martes Niebla – Cicatriz
Smile – Broken Kid
Special Friend – Meant To Gather
Hause Plants – Summer Salt
Thala -Weep
fine. – Where I Came / Where You Left
Love, Burns – Wired Eyes (alternate mix)
Lemondaze – Art Form
UV-TV – Distant Lullaby
Beach Youth – Love Yourself II
Grrrl Gang – Honey, Baby
Ghost Transmission – Stand Still
Hoorsees – Give It Up
Lisasinson – Tu Y Yo
Moon Museum – With You
Fritz – Gracie, Forgive Me
Still Dreams – Last True Love
The Umbrella Puzzles – Sinking Ground
Star 99 – Brady Song
The Hannah Barberas – Love’s Coming Back in Fashion
Gloria – Space Rocket
Whimsical – Sweet Valentine
April June – A Vision Of You
Poco – 海月
The Lodger – Black and White (Pete’s Song)
Submotile – Cyanotic
Peach Gardens – Sunset Drive
Unschooling – Social Chameleon
Hadda Be – Wait in the Dark
Parlor Hour – Ohio
Lavender Blush – Sundays

Some of these tracks have been recorded very loud and the likes of Moon Museum and Elefant Records are going for loudness war records. I have tried to amend all distortion and clips so apologies if that volume adjustment is still needed.

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