Beach Youth – A Changed Man

Has it really been six years since I last mentioned the French band Beach Youth? It seems so. I am not sure how I missed 2019’s Second EP nor last November’s brilliant Love Yourself single but getting back on the ball I see that the band are releasing their debut album Postcard next Friday, 23rd April 2021.

A Changed Man is the latest single from the album and not much soundwise has moved on from the aforementioned 2015 review and to be honest thank feck for that. The band make music that echoes the classic indiepop sound of old as well as post-punk bands like a Postcard (pun intended) era Orange Juice. There is even a hint of The Smiths too. They certainly know how to put a catchy melody or two together that’s for sure.

Postcard will be released via Music From The Masses (FR), Wewant2Records (FR) and Shelflife (USA). No links for the latter two as of yet.


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