Compilation Week – Paranoia Musique Vol. 2

Paranoia Musique Vol. 2 is the second volume (guess what the first was called?) wrapping up the darker side of post-punk to be released this year by the label of the same name. The Brazilian Paranoia Musique has scoured the globe for ya and there are contributions from South America, Asia and Europe. There are a couple of dubious entries here (isn’t there always?) but these are levelled out by excellent contributions from Diktatur, Gangue Morcego and the wonderful Makaria whom I would not heard otherwise. And that’s the point of compilations is it not?

So if gothic post-punk inspired electronica (coldwave, darkwave, synthpop) is your thing then there is plenty here to make you smile (sic) about.

Available on a pay what you want basis from here.


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