The Slow Summits – Safe and Sorry

Here is something for you. Press play and close your eyes and try and work out where you are. Are you in mid-1980’s England or Linköping in 2020? That’s the trouble when you are an old man like me and I must stop comparing new releases with those that reside in my cranium based jukebox. Safe and Sorry is a well crafted and very catchy, C86 inspired jangling indie-pop tune that puts one in a positive state of mind during these strange days. If I am still around in 30 years time I look forward to saying “you know what, … Continue reading The Slow Summits – Safe and Sorry

The Slow Summits – Languid Belles

The Slow Summits (named after The Pastels 2013 album of the same name?) are an indiepop band from Linköping, Sweden. Languid Belles seems to be their debut release and it contains four jangling pop tunes that are reminiscent of days gone by. It’d be hard not to think of 1980s UK indie bands when listening to the EP. Off the top of my head think The Smiths, Orange Juice, The Weather Prophets, The Housemartins, The Loft, and The Wedding Present. Given that Amelia Fletcher provides backing vocals on two tracks here the latter should be no surprise. It’s an enjoyable … Continue reading The Slow Summits – Languid Belles