Terry Vs. Tori

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Terry vs. Tori – Psychic Reader

Psychic Reader (feat. David Alonso) is the latest single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming eponymous debut long play album. It’s another slice of the beautiful and gorgeous indie pop that the band have always delivered. There is no let up in quality as it jangles it’s way into your heart. However, given it’s … Continue reading

Terry vs. Tori – Keepsake Box

The latest single from Sevilla’s Terry vs. Tori is, if I have kept count correctly, the 5th single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album provisionally entitled Heathers. At this rate it’s going to be a greatest hits album and the band can call it a night because Keepsake Box is yet another … Continue reading

Terry vs. Tori – Cascais

Cascais is the latest single to be taken from the forthcoming debut album by Terry vs. Tori. It’s a lovely, sometimes whimsical song, that eases itself in to the listener’s consciousness. The song also features contributions from Foliage which makes it an indiepop dream line up if there ever was one! It’s backed with the … Continue reading

Terry vs. Tori – Heathers

Heathers is the second single to be taken from Terry vs. Tori forthcoming debut album. Like the previous single Braille it reminds me of that now classic Swedish indiepop sound (think Acid House Kings et al.) as the female vocals and jangling guitars come together in perfect harmony. Simply marvellous. Facebook

Terry Vs. Tori – Braille

Terry Vs. Tori return with a song that could have easily graced the Labrador Records catalogue circa 2008. Opening with what sounds like a cassette tape being inserted the song soon mixes a 70’s vibe and indiepop. It’s not too hard to think of bands associated with the aforementioned label and Braille sounds like the … Continue reading