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State of the Nation – Burden

Burden is one of the standout tracks from the recent Mirage album by Sweden’s State of the Nation, a band who are influenced by the likes of The Pet Shop Boys and most certainly New Order. The original version if a straight up synth-pop number whilst the People Theatre “I Know” Mix makes it even … Continue reading

State of the Nation – Rotterdam

It’s hard not to compare State Of The Nation to New Order and I am not going even to attempt to do so here. Suffice to say that this is a thoroughly enjoyable retro pop single that sounds like Blue Monday, Confusion and most of Brotherhood. Thankfully there are no pointless remixes this time around … Continue reading

State Of The Nation – Amsterdam

I mentioned State of the Nation’s debut single Departed last month. This demo has now appeared on Soundcloud touted as a possible future single. Personally I think it would make a pretty decent follow up to Departed. Let’s hope they don’t remix it to death though! Facebook

State Of The Nation – Departed (Remixes)

Hmmm. I wonder who this lot will sound like given their name? Well that’s a surprise. They sound like Slayer. Actually that’s a big lie. Of course they sound like a New Order lite right down to the bass lines. Mind you to be fair they also sound like The Pet Shop Boys on some … Continue reading

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