Sicayda – Caught in the Rain

Sicayda’s new single features some of the heavier elements in the Toronto based band’s armoury. It also features some of their most melodic moments too. It’s the latest single in the bands series which sees them taking an older song and welding it together with some new ideas in order to demonstrate their new approach and sound. A new EP is due to follow in July this year. Facebook Continue reading Sicayda – Caught in the Rain

Sicayda – It Changed

It Changed is the first in a series of single drops before the band release their next EP or album. It’s a track that was written a couple of years ago and despite not appearing on their debut EP the band write that it’s a “fan favorite” and they “finally feel it has reached its full potential as a song”. I can see why it ‘s a favourite as it’s a feisty track mixing post-punk and shoegaze to great effect whilst the energetic vocals give the song another dynamic. Rousing and pleasing! Facebook Continue reading Sicayda – It Changed

Sicayda – Sown

I mentioned Go On by Sicayda towards the end of last month. The band have now released the full EP that Go On was taken from in the shape of Sown. It features five tracks which err on the noisier side of alt-rock/shoegaze. The songs are varied by pace which works and blends well across the whole EP. For example Struggle Bug is a full on noise “fest” but then I am caught off guard by the melodic, gentle ending. Two’s is short and rocky and closer Asleep is a predominately instrumental slow burner which builds up until it’s flame … Continue reading Sicayda – Sown

Sicayda – Go On

Opening with some ethereal, almost lost, vocals complete with pounding percussion and swirling guitars there is only going to be one winner on Go On. As the track emerges from its introduction the vocals become more, erm, vocal whilst there is a collision of sound as track takes hold as it buzzes just like the bee on the artwork. Taken from the forthcoming EP Sown it suggests that good things could be coming. Yeah go, on Sicayda. Go On! Facebook Continue reading Sicayda – Go On