Tight Knit – Too Hot

Originally released digitally in 2017 Too Hot, and flip side Want You, by Melbourne’s Tight Knit now get the vinyl treatment they deserve courtesy of Glasgow’s Not Unloved Records. Too Hot is a garage/indiepop hybrid with more than a few nods in the direction of riot grrrl whilst I Want You has a catchy chorus that you could die for. Order the 7″ here. The original digital versions are still available on a pay what you want basis from the band. Facebook Continue reading Tight Knit – Too Hot

Current Affairs – Breeding Feeling

We hear and read about a lot of bands being influenced and/or replicating the C86 sound. Here is a band, who draw (ex) members of acts like The Royal We, Rose McDowall’s band, Anxiety, Kaspar Hauser and Shopping in their ranks, that go back further to the sounds found during the era of the C81 tape. Their sound draws inspiration from the shadowy and gothic elements of post punk bands – think The Cure and thanks to the vocals the likes of Siouxsie and The Banshees and early Altered Images. That’s not to say this is a carbon copy of … Continue reading Current Affairs – Breeding Feeling

Vital Idles – My Sentiments 7″

Not Unloved is one of the few music blogs I read on a regular basis these days and the goods news is that they now have set up a record label. The first release on the label is from Glasgow’s Vital Idles and it has set the benchmark high early doors. The tracks here sound like undiscovered gems from the late 1970’s and quite rightly draw comparisons to the like of Kleenex, The Slits, Modettes and to a lesser extent bands like Essential Logic especially on the flip side The Garden. There have been some brilliant post-punk releases this year … Continue reading Vital Idles – My Sentiments 7″