Atta Girl – 九月​(​September​)​/​错过​(​Regret)

The Chinese two piece Atta Girl (there is more than one band with that name!) return with a new single. The last we heard from them was back in 2017 with their Everyone Loves You When You Were Still A Kid album and the new single is a natural progression from where the aforementioned album left off. Both songs here sound much fuller and more rounded, bringing that bedroom pop sound out into the open. It’s September that grabs my attention with it’s mix of indiepop and shoegaze as it jangles it’s way through the maze of melodic guitars heading … Continue reading Atta Girl – 九月​(​September​)​/​错过​(​Regret)

Sound And Fury – Coming Down​/​Heaven Song

Shoegaze is the one genre on Bandcamp that regularly disappoints but now and again something brilliant happens as in the case of Chinese band Sound and Fury. Their new 7″ shines like a beacon none more so on Coming Down which is likely to be one of the best, if not the best, shoegazing songs you will hear this year. Guitars that crash down like waves battle with the ethereal female vocals resulting in a glorious sound. Heaven Song isn’t bad and a number of bands in the aforementioned genre would kill for a track like that but when compared … Continue reading Sound And Fury – Coming Down​/​Heaven Song

Sound and Fury – Honey Knows

Chinese band Sound and Fury’s name certainly imparts into their music. This is raw sounding indiepop at it’s finest and the drums give the song an air of a live recording. The boy/girl vocals are great as well. It certainly bodes well for the forthcoming album Sprout which is due out later this month via Boring Productions. You can get Honey Knows from the band or the label on a pay what you want basis. Facebook Continue reading Sound and Fury – Honey Knows