Various Artists – Text Me When You Get Here

Fallen Love Records is an indiepop/twee record label based in Toronto, Canada. Their new 18 track compilation Text Me When You Get Here was released earlier this month and it is a collection of home recordings by artists under COVID-19 Lockdown. There are not many names I recognise here. Well, it’s just the one in the shape of Sushi Backpack to be honest and they supply the entertaining When You Told Me You Were Lonely. If truth be told I am not that keen on the twee-er side of indie-pop especially when ukuleles are involved and I have always preferred … Continue reading Various Artists – Text Me When You Get Here

Fine – Lying Alone

Fine is the project of Boston (UK) based Liam James Marsh aka Kid Chameleon and Alice Kat. They both are prolific musicians and have recorded together under the name Fine for a few years now. The three songs on their new 8 track recorded EP are three gentle but melancolic indiepop songs that flirt with both with twee and folk. The very short opener Whisper To The World is very erm, fine indeed. On a side note, I believe Alice Kat released a new EP last month but aside from Spotify (and the video below) I have not been able … Continue reading Fine – Lying Alone

The Monday Indiepop Threesome

Even As We Speak – Unknown Unknown, from Australian indie popsters Even As We Speak, is the third single to be taken from the forthcoming album Adelphi which will be released via Shelflife Records on July 24th, 2020. You can pre-order the album from here and/or pick up the single from here. Homepage Facebook Fort Not – The Club Is Open Swedish band Fort Not release their second album on the 11th September 2020. Titled The Club Is Open it will be released via Spanish label Meritorio Records. At time of writing, there are two tracks available for streaming with … Continue reading The Monday Indiepop Threesome

Records I Like Mix June 2020 The Bonus One

An extra mix for you this month based on the two rounds posts which were blogged earlier this week. The Tuesday Session The Wednesday Mix Tracklisting: The National Honor Society – Be Gone (alternate version) Capitol – Weathered Lizzy & the Fanatics – Far Away Johny Nocash – The Ballad Of Richard Leap The Yearning – Only When I’m Dancing Ghost Transmission – Get Me High (Make Me Lose My Will) Hatchie & The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Sometimes Always Bathe Alone – In Deep Mashmellow – Heaven is You Teen Idle – In the Morning Stomp … Continue reading Records I Like Mix June 2020 The Bonus One

Records I Like Mix June 2020

If I said to myself in 1988 I would be compiling a “mixtape” in 2020 featuring The Flatmates, The Wolfhounds, Wendy Pickles from The Popguns and ex Popgun/Weddoes drummer Shaun Charman I would have said I was a bit bonkers. Well, 32 years later it seems I am bonkers after all as they all feature on this months mix which features tracks covering indie-pop, jangle-pop, shoegaze and alt-rock. It’s nice to see kosmische (“Krautrock”) creeping into indie and dream pop too. Enjoy! Full Tracklisting and details: The Flatmates – If You Love Me Let Me Know Taken from the new … Continue reading Records I Like Mix June 2020

Las Margaritas – Invierno

I don’t know much about Las Margaritas apart from this seemingly one-woman project hails from Santiago, Chile. However, what I do know is that Las Margaritas purveys some fine tuneage as demonstrated on the debut EP Invierno (Winter). The EP contains some delightful guitar-based indie/twee pop in the vein of Talulah Gosh or Po! When translated, the lyrics deal with subjects of anxiety, reluctance, goodbyes, memories and happy times. Whatever the subject the songs are very catchy and the likes of Las Flores, Joe and Alguien Como Tú should be on your must listen to pile. Invierno is available on … Continue reading Las Margaritas – Invierno

Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad

Angvstia Pop are a new band from González Catán, Argentina. It seems they formed as a result of the lockdown and the two members have been in other bands such as Pelopincho who have been featured on these pages before. Taking their influences from the likes of Beat Happening, Julie Ruin and The Cannanes the band have just released their debut mini-lp. Amor y Ansiedad (Love and Anxiety) consists of eight short twee-pop songs that are driven by synths and programming. The translated album title tells the subject of the songs much better than I could but, regardless of the … Continue reading Angvstia Pop – Amor y Ansiedad