яблоня – перекресток

There are some lovely sounds on the new single from Moscow’s яблоня (Apple Tree). Where as previous single еврокафе demonstrated that it was a fine example of coldwave inspired post-punk перекресток on the other hand is pure synth pop. Part New Order, part Saint Etienne and lots of parts whistling it’s the band’s poppiest moment to date. However when translated, the lyrics suggests it is about a one night stand with the protagonist suffering from regret or pausing for reflection. Either way I don’t think I am going to stop whistling for sometime yet. vk.com Continue reading яблоня – перекресток

яблоня- еврокафе

Moscow’s Apple Tree have just released their first new track in just over year. Titled еврокафе (eurocafeby if google translate has got it right) it’s a coldwave inspired post punk track with a slow burning sound. The female vocals sound downcast and gloomy whilst the lyrics forlornly hope for better things. As it continues to sheet it down in London town еврокафе seems to be an appropriate soundtrack as any. VK.Com Continue reading яблоня- еврокафе

Something For The Weekend – Coldwave & Synthpop from Russia

This weeks pack of three concentrates on post-punk of the coldwave and synthpop varieties from Russia. Фирма-однодневка – Кабаки This is an excellent vintage sounding coldwave track that would have not been out of place in Belgium or France circa 1981. They also have an album available but I have yet to listen to that. VK.Com яблоня – мысли Female fronted infectious synthpop that sounds like parts of Man Machine if it was mixed Vince Clarke. Really liking this (the vocals are great) and they have plenty more on offer on their bandcamp page. That’s more to delve through – … Continue reading Something For The Weekend – Coldwave & Synthpop from Russia