Marcos Y Molduras – Te Puedes Morir

Marcos Y Molduras follow up previous single La De Parks with new track Te Puedes Morir. Whilst the former was fuzzy brilliance the latter is a slower paced affair which sways onto the side of twee pop. However it is not all sugar sweet as you may first suspect! When the lyrics are translated it hints at darker thoughts as behind the smiling facade the subject matters lover can die if her feelings are not reciprocated. Gulp….. Te Puedes Morir is out now digitally on Discos De Kirlian. Continue reading Marcos Y Molduras – Te Puedes Morir

Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks

La De Parks by Madrid’s Marcos Y Molduras is one of those short, fuzzy indiepop tracks I love so much. The gentle build up, female vocals and then vibrant but lo-fi punk-pop guitars and percussion kicking in. It’s like the prefect recipe for these ears as the track deals with a doomed love affair. That may have not worked out in the end but this track most certainly does! La De Parks is out now via Discos De Kirlian. Continue reading Marcos Y Molduras – La De Parks

The Friday Round Up

For those unaware Bandcamp are running a Covid-19 fundraiser today which seems them waiving their revenue share so that all monies go directly to supporting the artists. You can read about that here. If you can buy just one release that would help the artists concerned and the fundraiser lasts until Midnight Pacific Time tonight (7am in the UK). Onto the round up. It’s been two years since we last from Dunedin’s Astro Children. On new single Milk the band move away from their alt-rock/shoegazing roots and instead is a vibrant alternative pop song. Well worth the wait and it’s … Continue reading The Friday Round Up

Records I Like Mix June 2020

If I said to myself in 1988 I would be compiling a “mixtape” in 2020 featuring The Flatmates, The Wolfhounds, Wendy Pickles from The Popguns and ex Popgun/Weddoes drummer Shaun Charman I would have said I was a bit bonkers. Well, 32 years later it seems I am bonkers after all as they all feature on this months mix which features tracks covering indie-pop, jangle-pop, shoegaze and alt-rock. It’s nice to see kosmische (“Krautrock”) creeping into indie and dream pop too. Enjoy! Full Tracklisting and details: The Flatmates – If You Love Me Let Me Know Taken from the new … Continue reading Records I Like Mix June 2020

Records I Like Mix April 2020 #1

Well, I think March musically was one of the busiest months for a while for obvious reasons. I have listened too more than usual. The Bandcamp revenue waiving fundraiser saw plenty of additions to my collection too. So much so that April’s Mix is spread over two parts. Here is part one. Enjoy! Full Tracklisting Ferri-Chrome – Glad To See You Songs like Asteroid and Glad to See You are two of the finest songs I have heard this side of lock down Marcos y Molduras – Un Nuevo Ano Starting off gently it features harmonious boy/girl vocals and these … Continue reading Records I Like Mix April 2020 #1

Records I Like Mix December 2019

This months bumper mix is dominated by shoegaze and dreampop with some indiepop and jangle pop thrown in for good measure. It features tracks released in the past month or so. Enjoy! Full Tracklisting: Terry vs. Tori – Keepsake Box The band have now added synthesizers into the mix which has added yet another layer of vibrancy to their sound. The Giraffe Told Me In My Dream – Relapse Suffice to say my ears were ringing after taking the headphones off after listening to this one! Fog – Fictitious Fiction Fictitious Sod looking at your shoes and, with this track … Continue reading Records I Like Mix December 2019