Jumping Someone Elses Train #5

I have just discovered, through a link on Bandcamp, The Sounds In My Head, podcast. It has been going since 2004 (typical me, on the ball as ever!) and is hosted by Daniel S Dunnam. He writes that “it’s a music show featuring songs and bands you might have otherwise missed” and I like the way he mixes the old and new when it comes to song selections.

Here are three recent songs that caught my ear over the past couple of podcasts.

Dreamgirl – Poolside

I am a sucker for the 1960s Girl Group sound. More so if it has been updated/rehashed/recycled over fifty years later. Missouri’s Dreamgirl do exactly that on their latest single Poolside to great effect. It reminds me as to what Lucky Soul were doing mid noughties.


Say She She – Forget Me Not

An incredible track mixing disco, funk, heavy bass and psychedelia into one extremely catchy pop song. It’s hypnotic and there is even a flute solo entrancing the listener as much as the pied piper did to the children of Hamlein. Party like it’s 1977!


Vansire – Kind of a Nice Time

A dreampop track that soothes the listener sending them off floating amongst the clouds – just me then! Some nice jangling guitars, underlying keyboard and Josh Augustin’s voice demands your attention. A album follows next month.


Remember to visit The Sounds In My Head

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