Thee Terrible Hildas – Get Surfing​!

The Terrible Hildas (The Chesterfields Simon Barber) were the sleeve designers for The Subway Organization back in the 1980s. That influential label had two compilations titled Take The Subway To Your Suburb and Surfin’ In The Subway. Hmmm. Given the title and band name I wonder what this EP by this internet project (I presume it is) sounds like.

Well the EP’s title track is definitely a blast back to those heady days of fanzines and flexi discs. Whilst the aforementioned song is very retro sounding the two other tracks here, still wrought with C86 influences, have a more recent feel especially on I Know. I know that guitar playing from somewhere. The band feature US based Lori on vocals and UK based Simon on guitar. Now that name rings a bell in more ways than one. What are the chances eh? Anyway give this a spin and dance like it’s 1985!

Get Surfing​! ​is out now digitally via Kabukikore.

2 thoughts on “Thee Terrible Hildas – Get Surfing​!

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for the review.
    I’m not the Simon you think.
    I’m better known as Crayola, singer & songwriter in Sarandon and singer in A Witness.
    I’m really glad you like the songs and that you picked up on the 80’s indie pop thing that we were going for.

  2. Hey Simon. It’s Tom your one time CAMRGB writer/indie-mp3/lost music etc. Long time no see mate and I hope all is well. It’s a great little EP fella so please more of the same. Drop me a line if you have any new stuff and I will post it on these pages. Take care! Tom

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