A Sunday Trio

Firestations – The Circular

The Circular is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Melted Medium that is due to be released via Lost Map Records on March 5th. That EP will be the second in a series of three and follows Last November’s Automatic Tendencies. The Circular is the first I have heard from Firestations, a band who have been going since 2014 and it’s a cross between indiepop meets Broadcast/Stereolab etc. More discography delving coming up!


Submotile – Exit Cracks

Submotile are an Italian & Irish band who are based in Dublin – you gotta love the European Union yeah? Again they are new to these ears despite releasing their first music back in 2018. Exit Cracks is a noisy affair and sounds like Curve being merged with The Telescopes or My Bloody Valentine. That means it’s good enough to see me purchasing their discography!


Baker’s Pace – Starless Eyes/Watch You Fall

Given that their label Strange Pursuits is located in Sydney I guess Baker’s Pace are also based in that location too. This one track is a mix of two. Starless Eyes is a frantic affair, being very 1960s driven, and echoes to the sound of my mother’s record collection whilst I was growing up. The second part, Watch You Fall, still has those influences but is slower, being more melodic and dripping with psychedelia.

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