Sunny Summer Day – 夕暮れと月 (Dusk and Moon)

Sunny Summer Day are an indiepop band from Bandung, Indonesia. They have been around for a number of years now releasing their debut single on Cloudberry Records back in 2007 and we last heard from them on 2016’s Traveled Backwards album which has just re-released digitally by the band.

They will be releasing a new mini-album next year which tells the story of vocalist/guitarist Dicki Hermansah’s journey in Hong Kong.

The first fruits from this work is the new single 夕暮れと月 (Dusk and Moon). On this single, the band are joined by Nana Furuya from Charlotte is Mine, who recently have released their latest album Someday in The Breakfast, who provides both words and vocals.

It’s an uplifting affair and Furaya’s voice is a delight as it twists and turns amongst the almost orchestral sounding guitars. Let’s hope the rest of the journey is as good!

夕暮れと月 (Dusk and Moon) can be purchased from here.


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