Ramonescore Radio presents​.​.​. What the fuck is Twee?

Ramonescore Radio presents​.​.​. What the fuck is Twee? is a compilation rounding up what the label says are the best twee bands. To be honest Noise Pop would be a more accurate description and the compilation features bands that have been previously championed on these pages including The Leave Me Alones, Las Margaritas and My Light Shines For You to name but a few.

There is some new to me stuff here. I am not sure how I have previously failed to hear the twee-punk sounds of The Loneliers whose 2016 track There’s Something Weird About You is a blast. Madness Girlfriend by Sex Dream carries on in much the same vein and influences from the band that gives the label it’s name can be heard throughout. Austrian’s The Laundromat Chicks deliver a fine slice of C86 inspired jangle pop on Messed Me Up Again whilst Sex Dreams front woman Maria Surfinbird delivers the nearest thing to my definition of twee found here on Get U In My Arms. The final track here is an unreleased song by The Umbrella Puzzles. Not sure why that’s the case because I think Pick yourself Up is one of the best things Ryan Marquez has done under the moniker.

An enjoyable romp and my bandcamp shopping basket features a few more names tonight! You can get Ramonescore Radio presents​.​.​. What the fuck is Twee? digitally from here.

On another note Ramonescore Radio have re-released Las Margaritas debut EP Invierno (Winter) which I mentioned back in June.. A track from the EP titled Joe is featured on this compilation. You can get Winter in CD or digital formats from here.


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