A Zu La – S​/T

The latest release in the Shiny Happy Records is the self-titled debut release from A Zu La.

A Zu La is one Guntur Tores who also plays in hardcore bands Veisalogia and Total Struggle as well as providing the artwork for the labels recent Asian Pop Heaven compilation.  However, hardcore this is not and for this new indiepop project the label draws comparisons with the likes of The Radio Dept. and Letting Up Despite The Great Fault who have always sounded the same to my ears!

That comparison is certainly valid on the opening track 20th with a style recognised by fans of either of the aforementioned bands and it sets the tone for this self-recorded EP. The lo-fi sound blends well with the programming and the almost spoken vocal technique. The EP’s highlight for me is Kodak which owes more the early post-punk sound thanks to its robotic beats and vocals. It’s a fine EP and it will be interesting to hear where Tores ventures next. For now, you can grab it on a pay what you want basis from the label.





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