Various Artists – Asian Pop Heaven Compilation

I seem to be writing about Indonesian label Shiny Happy Records quite a bit of late. And given the quality of their recent releases I am not sure I will be stopping some time yet. Take their new compilation which is titled Asian Pop Heaven which covers the Asian indiepop scene of the past six years or more. As the title suggests it’s not just Indonesian bands who are featured and there are acts here from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China.

A number of the bands are known to me (and you too if you pay attention to the blog posts!) including the likes of Ivory Past whose contribution Something Wrong is not a track I have heard before and it’s one of the highlights for me.

However its the new (well old stuff in the scheme of things) that interests me. Tracks such as I Want You Back by Secret Asian Men, Manic Sheep with Phoney Peace, Who Urged Me by Red Go Cart and Subsonic Eye and their contribution You In The Pleasant Things that stand out.

I used to run the indie-mp3 blog many moons ago and the tag line was “Keeping C86 Alive”. Shiny Happy Records certainly do so. Asian Pop Heaven is an amazing, joyful compilation and I have not given justice to the bands that I have not had the time to mention. So please go and check them out in order to help me rectify that.

Asian Pop Heaven is available on cassette (you will have to message the label) and digital formats. Get it from here.

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