Something For The Weekend? Three New Singles.

This week’s pack of three `features three new singles hot off the Bandcamp press.

So I started the working week with a post mentioning The English Summer so let’s end the working week on the same note! New track A New Colour For You still has that winning blend of post-punk and indiepop. The guitars are sharp with the vocals reminding me of early The Wake. Sticking with Factory Records is it me or does the artwork take a nod in the direction of the cassette boxes issued by that label? Whilst the words “English Summer” generally entails disappointment A New Colour For You certainly does not! It’s available from here.


The new single from Tampa’s Planet Loser I’m Yours (In Bloom) is a lovely track with fitting words to match. The stripped-down sound emphasises how lovely the voice of Amber Lewis is. Beautiful.

I’m Yours (In Bloom) is out now on 6131 Records.


The Shop Window set the bar a little too high with their debut single Mannequin Lies. The follow-up single Reflection was a disappointment to these ears but the new single Evacuate makes amends with its mix of jangling guitars and catchy vocals. The additional keys work well in conjunction and add a feeling of calm to the track. Given the song is about anxiety that is just the tonic one needs.


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