Various Artists – Text Me When You Get Here

Fallen Love Records is an indiepop/twee record label based in Toronto, Canada. Their new 18 track compilation Text Me When You Get Here was released earlier this month and it is a collection of home recordings by artists under COVID-19 Lockdown. There are not many names I recognise here. Well, it’s just the one in the shape of Sushi Backpack to be honest and they supply the entertaining When You Told Me You Were Lonely.

If truth be told I am not that keen on the twee-er side of indie-pop especially when ukuleles are involved and I have always preferred the fuzzier side of things. So it was with some trepidation I pressed play and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the tracks on offer. These include the jangling and at times dreamy indie-pop of Laughed The Boy on their song Thirde, #1 Flower by April Magazine, Pardon by Emma Parry, Shiny Times (who is Kim Weldin from Tape Waves) with So Alone and the beautiful Luna by Малыш Камю – despite the ukulele!

As is the case with compilations there are tracks here that just don’t sit with me being far too twee or sugary sweet but I am sure others will enjoy having different tastes to me. Will I play this album again? I am not sure although it was a fitting soundtrack for tonight’s listening. I will be heading into the back catalogues of some of the artists mentioned so that’s another compilation that has served its purpose I guess!

Text Me When You Get Here is available digitally on a pay what you want basis from Fallen Love Records.


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