The Suncharms​/​Mirrorlakes – A Split Tape

Indonesian label Shiny Happy Records have just released a split tape which features three tracks each from The Suncharms and Mirrorlakes.

Since I have never mentioned Sheffield based indie band The Suncharms before I best set the scene! The band was originally active between 1989-1993 but eventually reformed after releasing a compilation on Cloudberry Records in 2016. They played their first gig in almost 24 years in 2017 and a single on Slumberland was released the following year. The band have also appeared on a couple of compilations including last Novembers F​.​A​.​R. OUT on Fadeawayradiate Records.

Last Halloween they also released a track called Monster Club and that very track opens this compilation. It’s an atmospheric affair and would have been a suitable inclusion on the soundtrack of the film referenced in the title. Following that is Cosmonaut, which is a slow paced track with lovely fuzziness whilst they finish with an acoustic version of one of their old tracks, Reflection. You can check the original here.

I am a big fan of Jakarta’s Mirrorlakes. Of their three contributions two of tracks originally appeared on last years Three Songs EP. which I reviewed here. I have not listened to them for a few months so it was good to hear them again. That review still stands and if anything Three Songs sounds even better. Given the aforementioned EP consisted of two songs I am wondering if Untitle is the missing third track? It sounds like a demo version of the EP’s title track as the guitar sound and structure used appears here too. An interesting take.

Two contrasting bands and six great songs! A Split Tape is available from Shiny Happy Records on erm, tape and digital formats.

The Suncharms – Facebook
Mirrorlakes – Instagram

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