Весна Весна – Когда рядом огни

Saint Peterburg based Весна Весна (Spring Spring) have just released their second album Когда рядом огни (When The Next Lights) containing the two recent singles Когда рядом огни and Венера.

It starts off with three tracks of pleasing ethereal shoegaze including the former single before branching out with the latter. I struggled with that at the time but it now makes much more sense to me in the context of the whole album.

Не страшно (Not Scary) introduces some lovely synths/electronica whilst Мечты (Dreams) reminds me of, the now on hiatus, Flowers.  Singer Tatiana Antoshina vocals are gorgeous but strong with it and the band play to the obvious strengths they entail. This is especially so on ночь (Night) which is simply divine and you can draw comparisons with Young Marble Giants.

устал (Weary) introduces some fuzz and noise whilst final track сказка (Story) is another beautiful, haunting track which is sung as if it was a lullaby. Когда рядом огни is well worth a listen being packed to the rafters with fine tuneage. It’s currently available digitally from the band.


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