Marcos y Molduras – Te Espero en Casa

I think I have expressed my love for Marcos y Molduras more than once on these pages now. Their music reminds me when I was a lad, a lad who lovingly played his stash of Subway Organisation singles whilst ploughing through the latest fanzine that had popped through the post.

The bands music is inspired initially by the C86 era and then via the revivalists that followed in the 2000s. The songs don’t vary much and that’s how I like it whether it’s the the fuzzy pop of La de Parks and La Rutina or the gentle twee pop of Desde Que Vivimos Juntos and Amigas.

However do not be fooled by the nature of the music as when translated the words can be very dark indeed mainly dealing with the daily bullshit of life and relationships. I will ignore those translations, close my eyes and listen to them sing in their native tongue. It sounds more romantic that way! Pop Pop Pop music All Day Long…..

Te Espero en Casa is out now on extremely limited 10″ vinyl and digital formats via Discos De Kirlian

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