Post-Punk Sunday

The new single from Cold Cave is a cover of Absolute Body Control‘s Waving Hands. It stays faithful to the original although sounding darker and denser. Get it from here whilst the original version is available here.

Warsaw Pact have released an album of demos called, erm Demos (2016-2109). The release includes two previously unheard demos in the shape of Made by Design & Discshop Inquisition. Maybe it’s one for the fans who are familiar with the originals but given it’s available on a pay what you want basis it’s also a good introduction to the band. Midnight Cure always sounds good!

The eighties post-punk revivalists Forever Grey have released a new album entitled Departed. It includes eight tracks including the long time favourite Lost in a Moment. Dark programmed synths and bass lines and an almost spoken vocal style is always a winner for me. Apart from the aforementioned track Seasons is my pick of the band with the early D.A.F/Front 242 electronica running all the way through it. For now Departed it’s available digitally but physical versions including a vinyl release on Young & Cold Records will follow soon.

Boy Harsher has shared a previously unreleased Part Time Punks Session track. It’s new beat edit of the track R.O.V. which originally appeared on the deluxe edition of Careful. As the title suggests it’s a slowed down version of the song and it’s available here.

Cold Transmission Music, home of the excellent Zeitgeist compilations, have released a new compilation covering their roster. It’s called Cold Transmission Family and features a number of bands previously featured on these pages including DILK, IAMTHESHADOWS, S Y Z Y G Y X and a host of others who like capital letters in their names and more! It’s a good introduction to one of the most decent post-punk labels out there right now. You can get it here.

Finally, and just straight out of my inbox, New Today have a new album out called Gain. As ever there is a contrast in style between band members Dante Palomba and Daniel Srungaram which gives it plenty of diversity. I am only on my first listen but I Missed You, Astray and Fungus are the ones that stood out for me – well for now! You can get Gain from here.

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