Post-Punk Saturday

Siberian based Goden Do have released their debut single in the shape of Номер Один (Number One). It’s a lively coldwave number in which synths and the deadpan, almost spoken words that are synonymous with the genre work well together. It’s backed with a cover of Понедельник originally by ПОСТная херня, which after tracking it down, demonstrates that this version is more synth based. Номер Один is certainly worth a listen and can be found here.

The sound made by London’s Vogue.Noir on their new single Resolution mixes coldwave with EBM with some new beat thrown in for good measure. It’s very catchy and addictive. It’s available on vinyl and digital formats via Tonn Recordings although the flip side is limited to the vinyl release until the 20th April.

Russian band ГРУППА ХМУРЫЙ (Gruppa Hmuriy) have made their back catalogue, with the exception of January’s Kartina 5, No. 19​/​12 available as free downloads. The band write “Name your price or put ‘0’ and download free in best quality”. You can find them here.

Barcelona’s Paranormales have recently signed with Cleopatra Records and the new single Vértigo is the first fruits with the new label. It’s dark, moody and powerful stuff. The new album, which sees them working with producer Maurizio Baggio who has worked with Soft Moon and Boy Harsher amongst others, will be released later this year. For now get the single from here.

German post-punk/gothic/darkwave label At Sea Compilations have made all their releases available on a pay what you want basis until 30th April 2020. If you need a place to start I suggest the excellent La Danse Macabre compilations. Head over to here.

I am not sure if I have featured a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina previously so the debut demo single from Banja Luka’s Otih is a good a place to start as any. The two tracks here err on the side of darkwave and I like the vintage retro sound on both. When translated the lyrics hint at shadows and tragedy. It’s good stuff and the artwork is excellent too. Get it on a pay what you want basis from here.

International Badboys Inc. is not the best band name I have ever heard but the band’s music on this, their debut EP, more than makes up for it! Based in Seoul the band have made an EP featuring a number of short synth based tracks with rhythmical post-punk beats. The words are more spoken than sung as the dark whilst gothic influences take hold. Interesting stuff. Available from here on a pay what you want basis.

Klack have put out a new single called Distancing which is about – well you can guess. It’s a rework of their track Discipline and like that one it sounds very much like Nitzer Ebb. All proceeds go to the Crucible venue in their hometown of Madison to help offset any losses during the venues closure. It’s available from here.

Dusseldorf’s Innenstadtfront have released their debut EP entitled I​.​S​.​F. There are four tracks none of which passes the 2 min 45 sec mark. However they manage to cram a lot in during such a short space of time. Fast and furious synths are guided by shouty female vocals and it’s like an electronica version of punk. One to play loud and it’s available on a pay what you want basis.

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