Neyemia Grue – Blue​-Hearted

Neyemia Grue are a dream-pop band who hail from Sumy in the Ukraine. The Blue​-Hearted EP is the follow up to 2017s Revelations single and features five tracks. The songs veer between the lively and the dreamy, sometimes both, but regardless of the speed of the songs it’s the female vocals stand out.

As the vocalist sings in her native tongue I have no idea what is being sung but I get the impression from the song titles that the words err on the side of melancholy. I find that her voice reminds me of Alison Shaw from The Cranes especially on Counting and the wonderfully titled In a Relationship with Shadow Girl I Saw During My Psychosis. Musically there are some similarities with the aforementioned band too but you can hear a lot of other influences running throughout the EP too.

Don’t expect anything ground breaking here. What the band actually does so well is sticking to a template and creating some very good songs around it, none more so on the standout track Secret Lovers.

The Blue​-Hearted EP is available digitally on a pay what you want basis from the band.

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