Face Myself – A (Bonus!) Post-Punk Mix

Well that was a few enjoyable days in Budapest and this mix was on my player during the trip. Why another post-punk mix so soon you ask? Whilst putting together the Silent & Alone mix I had a number of tracks that did not fit in that mix, were left over or, in the case of one or two, forgotten. So, primarily for my commute, I put together another mix and thought I would share the end results as I think it works really well. Anyway enjoy!

Full Tracklisting:

Human Program – Bacteria

Sounding like long lost outtakes from the mixing desk of Martin Hannett it’s hard to shake the sound of Joy Division’s producer, and said band, from this EP.

Frustration – Pepper Spray

An excellent track taken from the band’s recent So Cold Streams album.

Unca Mau – My Fire Went Out

Thankfully things sound back on track with the new single My Fire Went Out which is a synth-pop effort that errs on the darker, gloomy side of things.

Scary Black – Starlightdancer

It’s a mix of haunting vocals riding alongside 1980s influenced keyboard sounds. Tagged as Nightmare Pop you had better believe it.

beryllium00 – Warm Eyes

Not sure if these are unfinished tracks, demos or works in progress but on this debut release there are four very short wave synth-pop/coldwave inspired post-punk tracks.

Black Plastic – Halcyon

If they ever updated the film scores for a vintage black and white horror then Halcyon should be on the soundtrack.

Lara K. – Face Myself

The current single from this Australian artist who mixes up post-punk with experimental sounds.

Caput Medusae – Angerona

The debut release from the German darkwave band Caput Medusae.

Actors – Slaves (FM Attack RMX)

Slaves was one of the highlights on last years It Will Come To You debut long-player from Vancouver based Actors. It now gets a remix courtesy of FM Attack who primes it for the dance floors with a shiny new synth-wave coat.

Silicon Heartbeat – I’m An Intellectual

Crossing punk and early 1980s synths each of these songs fuzz (buzz) around your ears. The extremely catchy I’m An Intellectual sounds it’s a long lost recording from decades ago.

Layuchi Kvity – Church

The new single, and the second in the band’s DIY Project.

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