Small Animals Records – Fanzines 1 & 2

Chinese label Small Animals Records published two fanzines at the end of last month. Both are sold out but the label have made available two mixtapes to accompany both.

Both feature a mixture of indie and twee pop. On Volume 1 Atta Girl is the only band who was known to me previously but I also enjoyed the instrumental sounds of A Hidden Trace, the sweet jangling sounds from (Google translated names here) Cotton Mountain Range and the noisy shoegaze of Hotkey Was Killed By.

Volume 2 featured tracks by bands are was more familiar with such as Sound and Fury, Milk Moustache and Butterbeer. Of the new names I enjoyed the tracks by Hoo!, Unclear Things and Silly Function.

Both compilations also featured music that was a bit too sugar sweet for me but even so there is a lot of indie/twee pop out there, and on these two compilations, worth discovering.

Both compilations are a free download and are available from here.


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