Just mentioning one band a day or every other day isn’t enough especially with how much I listen to and the way I tend to witter on. Oh well. Luckily I can work with my headphones on so here is a midweek three pack!

Pia Fraus – Sweet Sunday Snow

The veteran Estonian shoegazers return with a new single that is bundled with three remixes and is also a taster for their forthcoming sixth album. The single edit is a shimmering laid back track which will soon have you wandering through dreamland. Listening to The Picnic remix I wonder if the original could and should have sounded like this as it picks up on the various elements of the original, making them stronger.

As for other mixes The Lightships remix concentrates on enhancing the voice over ethereal synths & percussion whilst the Astrobal Remix turns the song into a “dancier” affair, bringing the electronics to the fore whilst maintaining some of the original structure. Sweet Sunday Snow is available digitally from the from band or via their own Seksound Records label.


The Memory Fades – Space Pilot Remixed

Hot on the heels of the frankly very good Original EP we now get two remixes of the title track and an acoustic version of Listening To The Marychain. The Northern Electrix remix brings psychedelia to the fore complete with some speeded up drum beats. It’s very 1990s sounding, reminding me of the days when almost every “indie” single had a “dance remix” on the reverse.

The Bored of Canada remix takes the original track back into space for an ambient excursion through the stars and beyond as it heads towards destination space station chill out central. The original version of Listening To The Marychain was already a mellow affair but here it is stripped back right back to it’s bare bones and that works wonderfully well. No coincidence that Stephen Maughan sounds a bit like Jim Reid on this one.

Space Pilot Remixed is available on CDR or digitally on a pay what you want basis from here.

Misty Coast – Don’t Let Me Fall

This one has just turned up on Bandcamp but with a release date of May 2019. I wonder if it is an out-take from February’s lovely Melodaze album rather than a new, well back in May, track? Either way it features the band’s now trademark psych tinged dream pop sound as it glides effortlessly along as I get caught up in a reverie of radiant guitars and vocals.


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