Layuchi Kvity – Белый порошок

Белый порошок (White Powder) is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming new album by Layuchi Kvity. Where as previous single >Девушка Которую Зовут Тишина (Girl Named Silence) was an excellent spin on shoegazing Белый порошок is a blast mixing noise pop, alt-rock and punk. No idea what they are singing about (and I can make a guess given the translated title) but the words have a call to arms, anthem like feel about them. Bouyant stuff – play extremely loud!!!


One thought on “Layuchi Kvity – Белый порошок

  1. Hi!
    Thank you very much for the review! And for review for the previous song too!

    We are currently recording the second part of the album and I think it will be released in early 2020. I think we’ll release a couple more singles soon.

    White powder is about an island of carelessness, the use of fast drugs, a sea of alcohol and a fleeting love. Previous song was a lil bit romantic unlike this song and was about breaking up.

    Layuchi Kvity.

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