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Layuchi Kvity – Белый порошок

Белый порошок (White Powder) is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming new album by Layuchi Kvity. Where as previous single >Девушка Которую Зовут Тишина (Girl Named Silence) was an excellent spin on shoegazing Белый порошок is a blast mixing noise pop, alt-rock and punk. No idea what they are singing about (and I can make a guess given the translated title) but the words have a call to arms, anthem like feel about them. Bouyant stuff – play extremely loud!!!


One comment on “Layuchi Kvity – Белый порошок

  1. Layuchi Kvity
    September 2, 2019

    Thank you very much for the review! And for review for the previous song too!

    We are currently recording the second part of the album and I think it will be released in early 2020. I think we’ll release a couple more singles soon.

    White powder is about an island of carelessness, the use of fast drugs, a sea of alcohol and a fleeting love. Previous song was a lil bit romantic unlike this song and was about breaking up.

    Layuchi Kvity.

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