Something For The Weekend? New Releases For Your Ears

This week’s pack of three features three new releases.

HuanHuan – Charlie

Charlie is the first we have heard from Taiwan’s HuanHuan for a couple of years now. And it’s worth the wait as ethereal female vocals forge an alliance with shimmering guitars on an instant shoegaze classic. Flip-side Indiepop is also worth listening too with the vocals sounding a bit like Debbie Harry in places. Which is always a plus! Available from here.


Las Robertas – Together Outrageously

Costa Rica’s Las Robertas were one of the first bands I wrote about on these pages back in 2012. Together Outrageously is the title track from their new EP and is a catchy guitar driven pop-rock track that has plenty of effective hooks and melodies over the course of it’s 2 and a half minutes. Enjoyable stuff as ever from this lot!

The Together Outrageously EP is out today on Rogue Wave Records. Pre-order it here on 7″ and digital formats.


Fragile Animals – Only Shallow​/​/​Only More

The new EP from Fragile Animals is full of charming and appealing indie rock songs none more so on opener Melbourne. The voice of vocalist/bassist Victoria Jenkins brings another dimension to the songs which sound pretty much effortless. It’s an entertaining EP and if 1990s inspired songs are your thing then this EP is a must listen. Get it from here.


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