Various – Pálidos y Débiles EP (Grupos de Discos de Kirlian adaptan a los Smiths)

On this EP Five Spanish bands who have previously recorded for the Discos De Kirlian label provide covers of songs by The Smiths. Actually make that four covers as Silent James have contributed a song in the style of Moz & Co. Cover versions can be nonplussed affairs but there a couple of gems here.

Mieu by Lavandera is their version of Panic sung in the Asturian language. Whilst musically it replicates the original down to a tee the bands native tongue really suit the lyrics, making the song stand out and none more so when they close with the cry of “fueu al Dj, fueu al Dj”!

The EP’s highlight track is effort from the Silent James Puede Ser (It Can Be). Funny enough, given the start, I thought this was the cover of Panic, but it soon settles down taking in the influences of The Smiths especially their earlier albums. “Por qué te llevas mis discos de los Smiths” (Why are you taking my Smiths records?) indeed! It’s a cracking idea and this track alone is well worth the price of the digital version.

A hundred copies of this CD EP accompanies a book called The Smiths Pale and Weak by Julio César Álvarez which has just been published on Kirlian Books. You can order that or the EP in digital formats from here.

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